A concept that makes it easier for a good samaritan to return a lost iPhone



I’ve recently read the article on Medium.com regarding and discussing an idea on how Apple could help “good samaritans” whose, finding our lost iOS device – and particularly an iPhone, to contact the device’s owner with ease. Thing that now it’s not so easy to do if the phone is locked by a code, or anyway request the finder to dig into our address book, or contact list, or recent phone calls…

I’ve liked it so much that I’ve used the Apple contact form to fill-in a request citing this article directly.

→ Check it out!

Clear in the iCloud

iOS, Software

OK, I know… this post Clear in the iCloud is almost one year old today, but still… It’s interesting and insightful, at least for me, to grasp all the aspect of the design and engineering of a (successfull) app: Clear.

Which by the  way in these hours has gone free (as in beer) maintaining the promise declared by Realmac Software in their Making Things Right letter to their customers!

Clear uses a custom system built on top of iCloud File Storage and it works in a similar fashion to Operational Transformation. The post proceeds to cover the reasons for choosing iCloud, then explores iCCD and subsequently builds a synchronisation system from the ground up.

Milen Dzhumerov