And so, if you really look at it in just four years after we launched the very first iPad, we’ve sold over 210 million, which is more than we or I think anyone thought was possible at that period of time. And it’s interesting to note that that’s almost twice as many iPhones that we’ve sold in a comparable period of time, and over seven times as many iPods as we’ve sold in the period of time. So, I think it’s important to kind of put that in perspective. We’ve come a long way very, very quickly…

Tim Cook, on Apple’s 2014 1st fiscal quarter results

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on the iPad disappointment

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iPad’s monopoly over the web traffic from tablets


That image is a result obtained by some traffic analysis study made by the fine folks at OnSwipe. OnSwipe is a technology aimed to optimize the web browsing experience of any website on modern personal devices like tablets. It’s so cool that it was also been adopted as a plugin option here on (even if now that is fading away).

Now back in topic. Even if the iPad(s) are between the 62 and 68% of the tablet market out there is simply impressive that the 98% of the web tablet’s traffic it’s made from that device. What are the other 32/38% of tablets doing ???

DataWiz – free mobile data management

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Take control of your data and stay within your budget with Datawiz!

With DataWiz, users can precisely monitor mobile device usage and predict future usage based on current habits. You can maximize usage without going over your monthly mobile bill. This innovative technology, developed by the great minds at Princeton University’s EDGE Lab, empowers you to take control of your mobile data plan and keep expenses within your budget.

With a sleek, user-friendly interface, easy-to-understand visual graphs, data usage quota caps, and regular alerts, you’ll never go over your limit.

The app comes free (as in speech) from and it’s also available for the Android friends out there, too … I’m just wondering if it’s a battery drainder for my iPhone like the last one I tested was (even if it was reliable and easy to use).

Do you have any direct experience with that?