I’m spending some more time during these last few days working on this blog, deleting that damned uncategorized post’s category obtained “thanks” to that Posterous import last year. That was a platform I liked a lot, where I’ve written down a lot of inspiration and potentially interesting software to test.

I do hope that will be a bonus for those ~100/150 visitors that everyday lands here on my little weblog…


I think that right now, the Valley is very tuned for communication, social, and very utilitarian tools, and I think a lot of that is built around their ‘engineers will show us the way’ mindset, where something we’ve always tried to instill here, and always tried to hire for, is that the creators are going to show us the way. We’re here to empower them.

David Karp, on the Verge: Tumblr declares war on the internet’s identity crisis

Tumblr declares war on the internet’s identity crisis

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People often ask how it is I come up with topics, thinking, and ideas to post on my site. The truth is, I have a lot of help. I have said before that one of the keys to writing is to live a life worth writing about. Such a living is intentional. It is not enough to live through it and let it happen to you. You must surround yourself with interesting and inspirational, friends, family, children, environments, situations, etc.

I’m very lucky (and remember that luck shows up for those already working). I have a regular start of the week coffee meeting with a friend who is one of the smartest people I know. I discuss some of my ideas and thinking with him and our discussion always leads to ways to improve or expand them. I also am married to one of the other smartest people I know and our conversations often produce similar fruit. Then, there is Beatrix. My little girl is always a study in creativity and unrestrained joy. There are also the places I choose to go and the things I choose to do. And I do my best to be present for and observe as much as I can about all of it.

Patrick RhoneSome Thoughts About Writing

… probably a bit too long for my tastes, but indeed one of the best insightful and inspirational article read this year!

Some Thoughts About Writing


Let’s talk about the things that last. Let’s talk about making lives better around us. Let’s talk about making choices that aren’t about blessing ourselves, but rather about helping others. Let’s talk about the things that would still matter to our great-grandparents, and the things that people will still be talking about when we have grandchildren of our own.

Aaron MahnkeThoughts on My Social Hiatus

Thanks to Khurt for pointing that to me…

Greater Conversation


You’ve probably already heard of the fresh publishing platform called Medium on Twitter or on some other blogs.

Well, it’s a nice play to stay and read interesting things and I was very fond to have been invited on writing there. So here it is my first contribution:

Growing habits

I’d love to see your reactions and points of view on the topic.


The act of sharing matter online has an element of discretion attached to it. What you choose not to share is as important as, if not more than, what you choose to share. Mindless posting of everything you find, do, or like makes for an ambiguous narrative and doesn’t help your reader form an opinion about who you are. In order for your narrative to have any kind of coherence, there have to be gaps in it — empty spaces that emphasize the importance of the parts that

- Vijayendra Mohanty

Why ‘social’ sharing is not the same as publishing