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Davide Casali, aka “Folletto” on app usage on smartphones

Davide Casali, summoned in this infographic the recent news regarding users’ average app usage per month metric. Interesting to see how iPhone with a smaller screen give the user in a single page most of them, while a bigger screen Nexus can’t measure up to this value…

It seems that when Apple choose the new display format for iPhone 5 generation already had an internal study on this topic, and proposed a value that after two years has been obsoleted. It will also be interesting to see how many app on a single screen will show up in the long-awaited, bigger, iPhone 6 later this year.

Android, although Sony Xperia Z1S


As soon as you say anything bad about Android, you’ll get a thousand people yelling at you to load some ROM or attempt some crazy hack. I hate messing with my phone and there’s no way in hell that I’m going to spend hours “fixing” my brand new phone. If you need to hack your phone to make it work ideally, it’s garbage far as I’m concerned. Yes, I know, there are loads of people that enjoy tinkering with Android – I just don’t think a product that forces complex mending is a good product for the masses.

Andrew Kim, Minimally Minimal ☞ Sony Xperia Z1S

Jim Edwards of Business Insider put it this way: “Androids are simply dumbphone replacement devices and treated as such … Despite the features at their fingertips, Android people use their phones for calling, texting, and playing Bejeweled. They ain’t shopping.”

IBM came to similar conclusions when it crunched iOS and Android transaction traffic over the Thanksgiving weekend. It found that iOS users were spending $1.27 for each $1.05 spent by Android users during Black Friday, with iOS traffic being 28.2 percent of all online traffic for that time (Android accounted for 11.4 percent).

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Apple still king of mobile apps with over $10 billion in App Store sales

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