hello new bike: Yamaha Fz1 Fazer !


Hi people … quite a busy period over here, with near ZERO time for fun, blogging (doing and reading), comics and such pleaseant things.

Fortunately, since a month ago, I got my new bike (ok, it’s a second hand one but I’m happy just as if it was brand nrw) and things in family started to go better, and this photos of my bike and my wife remembers me how lucky I am.

IMG 0307

So here I am … and possibly I will re-start doing “my things” here or somewhere else …

ladies and gentleman, the Ducati Hypermotard


I went out the office in search of an iced-coffee in this hot and humid afternoon and, what I see ?

Without a doubt THE 2007’s bike, ladies and gentlemen!

Small, really aggressive, with the savage beauty that only few bike models can express (like the KTM SM-690 – to make a noun) but at the same time with a class, a snob feeling proper of the best Ducati’s Race Bikes have …

Incontri Motociclistici, 1

A dream over 13K euros high – in the S configuration in the picture – with the Ohlins suspensions under your nose as the plethora of carbon fiber details …

Incontri Motociclistici, 2

Having Wozniac’s wallet I’d buyed it in no time, unfortunately that isn’t my case ;-)

{as usual click on the images to see them at full size!}

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