iOS 4 update error


Hi there!
I’ve just updated my iPhone 3G to the brand new iOS 4 platform.

The update took a couple hours and, at the end, ended with a crash by iTunes (9.2 release, obviously).
The iPhone, my Address Book, Apps, Photos and Music are all ok but now, when I try to sync the MacBook Pro and my iPhone I get – nearly at the end – the error showed in the above picture …

Any idea on how to solve that?
Thanks :-D

Blur magazine 17 BLUR MAGAZINE


In times when the crisis impacts all social levels and rarely leaves anyone unafflicted, BLUR magazine boldly goes forward. We decided to increase the number of pages, introduce more optimism, celebrate beauty and creativity and to deliver all of this to your home free of charge, no matter in which part of the world you live in. It only takes scrolling your mouse three times, clicking, and there we are . We decided to talk less; i.e. to publish the textual content in an ideal amount, suitable for screen reading, and to provide more visual experience, while bringing more diversity by reserving space for different photographic styles and techniques.


A landmark decision of the Italian Constitutional Court: granting preference to free software is lawful | Associazione per il Software Libero


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Just over a year ago, the Piedmont Regional Council passed a law1 which states: “ the Region, in the process of choosing computer programs to acquire, prefers free software and programs whose source code can be inspected by the licensee” (Article 6, paragraph 2).

This choice was welcomed with enthusiasm by Free Software supporters and civil society, while the Presidency of the Italian Council of Minister contested this law, by referring to the Constitutional Court in order to declare it unlawful.

On March the 23rd, 2010, the Court ruled2 that the preference for Free Software is legitimate and complies with the principle of freedom of competition.

The Court points out: “It is not understandable how the the choice of a Public institution with regard to a feature, and not a product … can be deemed as a breach of antitrust law???. Furthermore, the Court clarifies that ???The concepts of Free Software and software whose code can be inspected do not refer to a particular technology, brand or product, but they rather express a legal feature“.

In short, according to the Court, favoring Free Software does not infringe freedom of competition, since software freedom is a general legal feature, and not a technological aspect connected to a specific product or brand. This ruling demonstrates the weakness of the arguments of those who, until now, have opposed the adoption of rules aimed at promoting and favoring Free Software arguing that they conflict with the principle of “technological neutrality”.


Associazione per il Software Libero (Assoli) is a non-profit organization established in the year 2000 to promote freedom in the use of computer programs and to defend the rights of Free Software users.
To achieve its goals, the Association promotes the development and use of Free Software in the Public Administration, schools, public and private companies, and in all domains of society.
In recent years the Association has performed some campaigns as well as legal proceedings, and it has interacted with the Public Administration to promote public policies in favour of Free Software.

Phone: ( 39) 06 99291342
Fax: ( 39) 06 83391642


  1. Law of the Piedmont Region n. 9 of the 26th of March 2009 (in Italian)
  2. Judgement of the Italian Constitutional Court n. 122 of the 23rd of March 2010 (in Italian)