Simplicity Vector Icon Set

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Full set of 150 icons are designed to be simple and neat that can fit into every project. With this set, your project will be given a clean and prominent feel. They can be scaled to any custom sizes while the quality is still intact.

Stroke Vector Icon Set includes facebook, edit, book, star, people, add, youtube, close, pdf, car, video, play, google, save, news, help, ok, list, login, shopping cart, question, hand, mobile, chat, exit, flag, building, shop, work, tie, network, food, warning, link, apple, rss, pen, alert, skype and etc…
Sitepoint’ Simplicity Vector Icon Set

ReclaiMe – RAW file system recovery

Microsoft, Software

“RAW filesystem” issue typically occurs when the filesystem type information is missing or inconsistent between several system tables. Such an issue is often associated with external drives unplugged without “Safely removing” them first. The tables often get damaged during unsafe removal.

The “RAW filesystem” is generally recovered quite well. The typical scenario is to recover data from a device with a RAW filesystem, then format the device and copy the recovered data back to the device.

The most typical symptom of RAW filesystem is that Windows prompts “You need to format the disk before you can use it”

You can perform a RAW filesystem recovery using the free – as in beer – ReclaiMe file recovery software for the Microsoft Windows platform.

I’m performing a scan of such a damaged drive while writing this down. I’ll let you know how it goes!

ipxUploader with album upload available


Remember ipxUploader? For those who does not, ipxUploader is an alternative – 3rd party – unofficial but efficient photos media uploader to the ipernity social network.
Well, it seems we have a new release available today.

Here’s the official announcement;

Dear Users!

New Version 0.9.11 is available, now mainly with album upload feature. For those waiting for this feature, visit to get the new version. You do not need special setup, all your old settings and ipernity authorisations will be still available if you simply replace the old app.

Additional this version can be started with parameter -uploadpath /yourPath to integrate ipxUploader in a convenient workflow.

Along with those feature enhancements there were a bunch of bug fixes. Especially for those using a release less than 0.9.10 this update my be helpful. Additionally since ipernity changed their TOS to “club member” coming along with major changes in upload amount restrictions, it is recommended to install the new version, because the old version may be unstable if your quota will come to the end..

Please report, if you have any problems!*



*And if not you may post this too ;-)

SublimeGit, a full-featured Git integration for Sublime Text 2 and 3

SublimeGit is a commercial plugin for Sublime Text – one of the world’s most advanced text editors – which provides a full-featured Git integration for Sublime Text 2 and 3.

As with the editor itself, you can try out SublimeGit for as long as you’d like, and there are no feature restrictions. Download it via or within Sublime Text with Package Control.