about those ‘jobs of tomorrow’

I’m married to the CEO of a technology company. She didn’t study STEM in school. In fact, she admits to having steered clear of those classes, opting instead for a broad liberal arts education, one in which she pursued her passion for learning languages. Today, people invite her, as a one of those rare unicorns, “a woman in STEM,” to speak with young people about her career.

She is rarely invited back because she doesn’t tell the kids what their teachers want them to hear.

Instead, she tells them the truth, which is that her success is based on being self-motivated, being sociable, and working well with others.

Those Mythological “Jobs Of Tomorrow”

suggested reads for January 22, 2020

decade's best, a pool by CoverJunkie

My friend Ciro Esposito [*] has shared, over one of his social media channels, this pool by CoverJunkie celebrating the best magazine cover of the ’10s.

The selection of “my bests” was not easy, and I loved some provocative covers … mainly from Spain, I had to notice. What’s yours?

Ciro runs a great newsletter about graphics, typography and design … it’s in italian, but suggested links and articles comes from all over the world, so why not subscribe it? It’s called Dispenser.Design

suggested reads for January 15, 2020

suggested reads for January 8, 2020

  • macOS 10.15 Vista – a sad situation, the first screens of a macOS system freshly upgraded to the latest 10.15 ‘Catalina’ release;
  • Broken – following that previous article here’s some nasty things in Catalina which should have been addressed differently by Apple. All of this seems crappy M$ "Vista"-like software development… sigh!
  • Remote Setup: The Remote Guide to Logistics. Incorporating, taxes, and hiring on a global team. – Doist, la software company dietro Twist e Todoist, racconta in questa guida le principali sfide da affrontare se si vuole creare una azienda con supporto al lavoro remoto;
  • Facebook Forever — “In short, we need to learn to coexist with Facebook. Because Facebook will be with us forever.” … e purtroppo, appena qualche giorno dopo aver visto il mio 12° anniversario di iscrizione alla piattaforma, temo che sia davvero così. Non spariranno come MySpace o altre piattaforme dissolvendosi…