Textual: IRC client for OS X

After the sudden death of the Lingo client – can’t find any trace of the developer or the software for support anywhere – I begun again my quest for a nice IRC client.

Today Textual is free on the App Store, and having tried it briefly I will switch to it immediately (the project seems active and very vibrant)…

Look and Feel and Feel

Every scroll through Twitter puts at least one person’s bad day, shitty experience, or moment of snark in front of me. These are good happy people – I know many of them in real life – but for whatever reason, Twitter is the place they let their shit loose. And while it’s easy to do, it’s not comfortable to be around. I don’t enjoy it.

Every scroll through Instagram puts someone’s good day in front of me. A vacation picture, something new they got that they love, pictures of nature, pictures of people they love, places they’ve been, and stuff they want to cheer about. It’s just flat out harder to be negative when sharing a picture. This isn’t a small thing – it’s a very big deal. I feel good when I browse Instagram.

That’s the feel that matters.
Jason Fried

Government Surveillance Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

I came to know about this half-an-hour long journalistic report over the  America’s sweeping surveillance programs by John Oliver. He managed to meet with Edward Snowden in person to discuss the NSA, the balance between privacy and security, and dick-pics.

The tone of the entire piece tries to be entertaining, but underneath of it one can feel the urgency to discuss this topic, get and informed opinion and take a decision. Which will undoubtedly present failings, but will be a conscious one… and one that could be debated again and again under the light of the Sun.

One final note. Being an european citizen I do care about my right to privacy, and I think our politicians and military figures will have to consider the rights of every human being and not ones who simply are born or live behind an imaginary fence…

If you want a bigger iPhone, stretch your hand

Twitter reachability by right thumb map

My subscription to the Sidebar newsletter made emerge from lots of news this article by Dmitry Kovalenko  over  the pages of Medium. Over his long and detailed post

The Big Reason Why iOS8 Sucks

Dmitry explained how the latest iOS release from Apple didn’t evolve in terms of usability and design paradigms to pair the effectiveness of the bigger screen size and the way our hand works. Only in the last months developers are taking chance to move things around, but there are still too many compromises and better solutions are needed.

Do a favour to yourself, and read his article…

secure instant messaging

Which app could you not live without?

I love and rely on many of the apps I mentioned above. I’ve saved one to mention here, though: Threema. I love how easy it is to use and how secure it is for messaging. When traveling in places that aren’t as safe as others, it’s important to have this means of communication with my wife and organization. Because encryption is end-to-end and keys aren’t stored centrally, it really minimizes the risk of snooping and allows for open conversation. Add to that the self-destruct tagged onto the passcode failure and you’ve got a communication platform in which you can be confident. I’m constantly trying to convert iOS/Android/Windows Phone friends to Threema.

Brandon Jones’ Mac and iPhone setup

My swiss colleague Andreas is the only person I know in real life that uses Threema, alongside with his own swiss parents. I was also curious to use it, but since there’s no-one using it, there’s no point in spending money for it. And Telegram + Whatsapp will do (for the moment)…