My name is Nicola Losito and I am a comics, science fiction, motorcycles and computer geek, born in mid. ’70s from Italy. I am a tech enthusiast and an early adopter of many social networks.

On-line since 1996, I got this “kOoLiNuS” nickname since 1999 when I joined ICQ. I’ve started blogging in February 2003, and two years later I started an English one with this ‘/home/kOoLiNuS’ project.

I work as a System Administrator and tech support in Bari’s unit of CNR Institute of Biomedical Technologies. I do also some freelance work in ICT consultancy, teaching and WordPress deployment.

Since 2016 I’m the co-organizer of the WordPress meetup Bari and the Puglia WooCommerce meetup gropus.

If my skills are what you need for your project, let’s get in touch!


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“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”
— Dalai Lama