Notes From An Emergency

And please regulate, regulate, regulate this industry, while you can.

Maciej Cegłowski

Nicola D’Agostino linked to me to the text version of Maciej Ceglowski talk given on May 10, 2017, at the re:publica conference in Berlin.

Worth every second the time you’ll need to read this … especially if, like me, you live in Europe, and then share it everywhere you can!

suggested reads for January 17, 2021

suggested reads for January 10, 2021

Today I do have just two articles in English to share with you.

But I do also have 3 nice analyses of ‘modern society’ life into this pandemic world written by two Italian authors which I admire and respect a lot, and which messages are so meaningful I do hope that will be graced by a read with the help of a translator, which probably won’t be perfect, but just enough to understand the core message of each post:

suggested reads for December 27, 2020

You should forgive me, but this time I have two posts in Italian that are well worth a read. One is a short one, about pushing ourselfs ‘further’. The second one is about a story with my friend Pietro shooting a photo, and how it went viral communicating something entirely different than the picture that he has taken.

suggested reads for December 20, 2020

Last week I missed the publishing of the usual 5 suggested reads, this week ahead means Christmas holidays to many, and a lot of time to stay at home… under the violence of COVID-19 backlash and the fear of the third wave in January. So here’s ten articles varying from your smartphone to the outer Space in the galaxy.