Suggested reads for May 23rd, 2015

Today’s suggestions are – in my opinion – little pearls. The kind of reading that takes time to be assimilated, and then some other time to grow inside you and take you to some new ideas or approach… Enjoy them!

give a boost to your downloads with Download Shuttle

Download Shuttle

Don’t know how many of you who are reading now this post have memories of the infinite time a download needed in times when all you had were dial-up phone lines or DSL begun coming to our houses. Parents screamed for the occupied line, obtaining a software was a conquer and magazines gave cd-roms or DVD to ease this process. Waiting for the next issue was the fastest way (in most of the situations) to have the newest release of your favorite GNU/Linux distro…

One of the most used trick was to use software that split, and then concatenate, your downloads. In that way you used the most of the resources available by your ‘repository’ and shorten the time needed.

Over this simple concept is build Download Shuttle, an utility for ours Mac OS X systems. The app is provided also with modules to install as extensions for Safari and Google Chrome so to become the default handler for all our download needs in the browser.

Also in these days the app is distributed for free – as in gratis – over the Mac AppStore.

Download Shuttle in action 01

These two last screenshots were taken earlier today when I had to download – fast – this big PDF file in the shortest time possible and I’m publishing them here so to prove what my experiences in the last two months of usage have given me. Short download times, fastest download speed…

Download Shuttle in action 02

Don’t miss your chance to obtain it for free. You’ll never know when it’ll become useful…

Canva’s study & infographic – How To Use Images To Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

Canvas infographics – How To Use Images To Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic
Canvas infographics – How To Use Images To Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

The fine pals at Canva, have made a nice recap of their study over 100 Million Facebook posts which told us about the power of images in our culture and so how it boosts traffic to the published contents. Here’s the original article (from which the infographic is taken):

How To Use Images To Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic →

Suggested reads for May 21st, 2015

Suggested reads for May 19th, 2015

Suggested reads for May 18th, 2015

I’ve been offline with my family this week-end, so the list comes a bit late. To make amend this time I’m proposing seven links, instead of the usual five…


Beauty is in honesty and in the real. You have a voice. You have the tools. You have everything you need. So do it. And don’t stop half way. Put yourself out there and you’ll inspire others who share your struggle.

Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success: A Manifesto

No one will be there to give you permission to act. To try. To succeed. And to fail. No one will take you by the hand and say, “Now it’s time. You’re ready.” No one will be so sure to say, “Don’t worry, you won’t fail.” No one will lay their hand on yours as you click that submit button, as you fill out that form, as you sign up for that chance, as you raise your hand.

You can be surrounded by a loving family and supportive friends, but ultimately that conviction has to come from within you. So give it a chance. No, not just that. PUSH IT.
Sara Rosso