Harry Potter 4 – the movie


It’s that time of the year …… Christmas Holydays season has begun and @ cinema are arriving the “heavy pounders“.

So, as a loyal fan I could not miss the 4th episode of the little magician.
This episode runs out fast and the only relevant news are an increasing dark atmosphere. I’ve enjoyed the FX, even if there are present at least two major hickccups (?) and an undefined sens of unsatisfaction.

The movie, more often than not, seems to be suffering from narrative cuts. Characters are DRIVEN by the events …. there is no evolving of situation, just a mere step by step series of situations …. we got no emotional feedback from the characters, we don’t feel their emotion.

Disappointing at least. Majorly because JK Rowling goes deeper in these aspects as the books are coming out. So, if it was a wine I could say “drinkable”, not so unforgetable.

6,5 over 10. I’ve said.


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