I don’t get it

Thanks to il Boss i’ve discovered this “S C A N D A L O U S” photo … well, at least seeing some of the comments.

emma watson drinking

Now, given that since I was twelve I went to get pizza with my friends and we got beer [well, a little less amount in comparison of today] i really don’t see where’s / what’s the problem or the scandal.

One can drink and still hold himself and do not get drunk. Conclusion: those false good-thinking people could fo f**K themselves !!

PS = gotta check if someone complained about the Corona not being a real beer ;-)

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  1. it’s quite funny to see comments 1 year after the post, but ok, it’s the web 🙂

    @serah, i didn’t fully got what you mean, you think the bottle is “photoshopped” ? you think she would never drink a beer ? you think she would never drink a Corona ?

    please enlighten me 😀


  2. I think she looks like she is having alot of fun, so why should it matter! i wish i was with her then we could have had fun together, it could have been a party. there is nothing wrong with drinking a bit, so dont be hattin unless it is about the rummor that she isnt going back for the next 2 movies!


  3. Hi there… there’s a member in the Orkut(www.orkut.com)who pretends to be Emma… this user keeps on pustong pics of emma at the parties which are nto available on the net anywhere…. plz do check the profile with emma watson profile and the pic is of her in front of the computer…


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