living with Fedora Core 5

Fedora Logo Well, SUSE 10.1 is still 15days ahead (at least) and i was curious to see how Fedora guys have integrated the Mono software in their distro after the January announcement.

Then, there are liquidat‘s kind words on running a Fedora machine, with yum as a fantastic package management that has indeed evolved very well, and my pal fullo that promotes the quickness of security bug patching from Fedora guys. In the end, I was curious like a monkey.

Basically i do an installation that goes like this: 100MB’s /boot partition (always an ext3 one), 1GB’s swap partiton, and all rest in a big handy / partition, expecially if i am dealing with a laptop. All partitions are primary. I have tried SElinux option off into my laptop and permissive mode on my desktop, the latter requirese some strudy on SElinux options and work in them to have flash o Acrobat plugins working correctly. So YMMV, having a read of SElinux chapter in the release notes and their FAQ’s is strongly adivced.

Then, this time, I have gone through FedoraTracker site, which for me comes handy and convenient …. remembering me something like the easyURPMI of Mandriva fame. I’ve decided to disable/do-not-use ATrpms repository and go with Livna + Dries + freshrpms. It seems that they can live together and that deciding wisely looking at the yum check-update results it’s sufficent to live happily 😉

If i am in doubt i use Mauriat Miranda’s FC5 installation notes as a referral, and i have not encountered the glitches reported some posts ago.

Now i am dealing with three “major” things:
[one] RSSowl it’s in extra repos but it screams about a missing dependency,

[two] NetworkManager on my laptop doesn’t work …. i’m digging into documentation (which is online and not centralized in any “manual”),

[three] i miss some KDE apps, or they have strange behaviour …. for example after this night’s update i have alway a “cannot talk to klauncher” error when using krusader ….

Fedora for me is, like maybe it’s always been, an all pourposes distro. With some work you can turn it into a multimedia machine, into a personal webserver or have a development sandbox. Sometimes i feel an “alpha” quality experience when trying to solve some issues. For sure it does require 3 times the time needed to set up an Ubuntu and for me 2 times compared to a SUSE machine.

In the end i think that maybe it’s time to have a centralized “control center” a la FoX Desktop, and if you don’t know about it just have a look 🙂

6 thoughts on “living with Fedora Core 5

  1. Hey, about RSSowl: that is a serious bug, you should report it.

    But what is the problem with the network manager? It runs here quite nice (although not really tested with different networks).

    But in any case, good luck with your stuff, I hope you can sort all out 🙂



  2. 1. RSSowl
    i’ve wrote some hours ago in the official mailing list, we’ll see what happens.

    2. at home i have a static IP policy, and in any case it seems i just connect phisically to the router (or at least i can ping it), but then i can do nothing more. I am studying what to do next.


  3. NetworkManager
    It seems i’ve resolved the issue. From within system-config-network tool i’ve erased all references to the wireless NIC.

    Then i’ve set up my modem/router/AP to use DHCP addressing {i’ve got a 5 machine pool, btw} and now the tool works charmingly, WEP or WPA-PSK mode.


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