a scanner darkly

One of the next season of Hollywood movies feature this “a scanner darkly”.
Another of Philip K. Dick spinoff – yes, another one … not bad for a “crap artist” 🙂

scanner_darkly“A Scanner Darkly” is set in suburban Orange County, California in the future. It imagines a paranoid world in which it seems two of every 10 Americans has been hired by the government to spy on the other 8 — in the name of national security and drug enforcement. When one reluctant government recruit (Reeves) is ordered to start spying on his friends, he is launched on a journey into the absurd, where outsourced government contractors largely define the social construct, where identities and loyalties are impossible to decode, and where not even his girlfriend can be trusted.

One of, if not THE, the most peculiar things of this movie are the special FX used to present the movie itself. It was acted traditionally, but then some new (to the major’s) tecnique have been adopted.

On Winona Ryder News Channel (here on WordPress.com) you can read and see the various passages needed to give the movie it’s peculiar and particular look. Well worth a read or two !!!

Welcome Mr. Anderson …. eeerh, wrong movie 😉

Link: movie’s official site: A Scanner Darkly

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