GAPS, an effective image viewer for Mac

Ladies & gentlemens maybe, i say maybe, we’ve find it !

After 24 days of searches i’ve possibly found a software that fills the strange void into the Macintosh software world. A program that is capable of simply give the user the power of doubleclicking on an image file, view it in full screen mode and then browse on, letting you see all the images present in the direcotry.

A function that is not immediately at disposal with the built in preview software (to do so you’d have to select all the images in the dir and then browse, but only in a window as big as the heigh of the screen allows).

So, the software i’ve found is GAPS (an acronim for Great American Picture Sorter).

Let’s read some info from the site:

GAPS is an image sorting and viewing application written to deal with enormous folders full of images. It can easily handle hundreds of thousands of images per folder and continue to operate quickly and stably.

GAPS’ DuperFinder feature can scan all of your image folders for duplicates, shows you thumbnails of the dupes as confirmation, and easily removes the extra copies to save disk space.

Really nice, isn’t it ? And let’s look at it’s licence:

GAPS is released as nag-free shareware. There are notime bombs, no annoying warning messages, no nothing… If you find GAPS useful, please consider the amount of time it took to create and the amount of time it saves you sorting images. If you can find itin your heart to throw the author a few bucks for his work, it would be much appreciated. If not… well… No hard feelings, I guess.

A real deal from my point of view, in a world of thousand utilities that cost less than credit card expences :-/

I’ve been using it for some days now (with my intel based MacBook) and haven’t seen any major issues (or issues at all).

Try it!

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