LG GWA-4082N, new internal burner for my Acer TM803LMi laptop

LG electronics logo In the occasion of the third birthday of my Acer TravelMate 803LMi (a week before, to be true) i’ve partied with the complete death of the laptop’s internal DVD-R/RW – a Pioneer, model DVR K11RA – that, since the beginning has demonstrated to be the weakest point of this execptional machine.
[At least for my tastes 😉 ]

Since some months now it had begun to burn badly, giving to me inconsistent results …. one time the disks was ok, one time after a week from the burning the content “disappeared”, one time the disk was only readable only by the Pioneer and so on. Also the drive suffered for continued use during reading … for example a dvd disk containing some video files …. the only “stable” support were regular printed DVDs.

So, during a crisis with GRUB, the Pioneer drive abandoned me abruptly !!!

{I did not know that regular install disk of Ubuntu installs grub only in the MBR (the Master Boot Record of the disk) [1] , and i was trying to remove it from there and put it in the partition i usually make to host it.}

The only operation permitted was the opening/closing of the disk tray.

LG GWA-4082N

Disperate I’ve called Acer assistance by phone and the operator said that i was lucky, the price of the part has dropped significantly and now it costs only 250 euro + IVA (IVA is a local tax amounting 20% of the import, so in my case 50€).

Only ?” – oh my god !

So, during a busy, busy july months i took the time to go to my local hardware pusher which has submitted to my attention the burner object of this post. The LG internal burner for laptop’s model GWA-4082N, a model (to my knowledge) not for sell on the shelves but only to shops / hadware distributors (it has no OEM software).

It’s features are:

heigh = 12.5mm
weight = 410g
interface = ATAPI/EIDE
DVD reading speed = 8x
DVD-R burning speed = 8x
DVD+R burning speed = 8x
DVD-RW burning speed = 4x
DVD+RW burning speed = 4x
CD-R burning speed = 24x
CD-RW burning speed = 16x
CD reading speed = 24x
DVD reading speed = 8x
buffer = 2MB
access time for CD-ROM = 140ms
access time for DVD-ROM = 160ms
Buffer Underrun Protection
vertical or orizzontal installation

As a really, really good reference guide on the laptops substituition topic I’ve found an excellent thread in an italian forum {this one on Hardware Upgrade} which goes on some details in the various aspect of this procedure (maybe i could ask the permission for trasnlating it, who knows), si if interested bookmark it !

So with a global expense of 86€ i’ve decided to proceed on buying it (after, obviously, a research on the web abount it’s performances, dimensions and compatibilities). Then last friday it arrived on this packaging:


The installation was plain dumb. My burner in fact is removable (i have the possibility to swap in a second disk, a second battery or to leave it empty to gain weight). After removing the 6 screw holding the platic “guide” containing the old burner and it’s electrical adapter i’ve put in the new one and closed it. Also the frontal of the burner was (and is) perfectly rectangular, so i had no issue with form and integration on the chassis of the notebook.

The LG frontal is 1,5/2 mm smaller than the original one, but it doesn’t look bad, as you can see in the image below:

mounter GWA-4082N

[1] = if you somewhat need a diffent set of Ubuntu (or derivates) installation tipe, I strongly suggest you to look better at the RELEASE page of Ubuntu, specifically looking for the alternate ISO.


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