Nokia N80 is here

Nokia-N80-Internet-Edition-Unlocked-Cell-Phone-with-32-MP-Camera-3G-Wi-Fi-MP3Video-Player-MiniSD-Slot--US-Version-with-Warranty-Black Aaand so my brand new cellphone – oooops – smartphone has arrived.

If we read the definition we’ll see:

A smartphone (or sphone) is any electronic handheld device that integrates the functionality of a mobile phone, personal digital assistant (PDA) or other information appliance.

and then:

This is often achieved by adding telephone functions to an existing PDA (PDA Phone) or putting “smart” capabilities, such as PDA functions, into a mobile phone.

OK, what else ?

A key feature of a smartphone is that additional native applications can be installed on the device. The applications can be developed by the manufacturer of the handheld device, by the operator or by any other third-party software developer.

The device choosen was a Nokia N80 (I am using the USA site product page) handeld device, based on Symbian operating system with the series60 3rd edition user interface.

The list of its features is quite impressive (if you let me say it) and after some hours spent on the manual and on some sites and forums i’m just beginning to scratch the surface of it’s possibilities (like i wanted to do when i choose it !!!)


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5 thoughts on “Nokia N80 is here”

  1. Nokia N80 has a bug in wireless connectivity, in WPA2 mode with pre-shared key, the device does not accept the full shared key but stops one digit short, so you cannot enter the full shared key. This bug is nasty because it means that I must adjust my home network settings to suit Nokia N80 phone rather than the other way round and that I cannot use WPA2/TKIP with pre-shared key on this phone, which is the most typical setup I have found in homes.


  2. I meant WPA-PSK NOT WPA2 (sorry for that) with a 64 (!!) hex-digits key. N80 does not accept the 64th digit. Looking around on the web, I found that it perhaps is not Nokia which has a bug (several places mentioned WPA-PSK supports a key upto 63 digits max.), but all this while, was the key I had generated using Windows wrong (!!)…of 64 digits rather than 63…

    So I am a bit confused: my router accepted the 64 digits and Windows generated 64 digits too!! In fact, the Linksys router at my cousin’s place also accepted another 64-digit key (but neither would allow a 65th digit to be entered)!!

    To compound it further, my router won’t accept anything *less* than 64 hex-digits!!

    Maybe I should go to sleep.


  3. Okay, got it now:

    8-63 ASCII characters is one method of specifying a WPA-Pre-shared Key which is then hashed to 256 bit (64 hex-digit) actual PSK using the ASCII input and the SSID.

    I was directly specifying the 256-bit key and N80 does not allow me to enter one (though my router and my wireless configuration on computer allows me to). So, I must enter the ASCII input (8-63 ASCII characters) which will then be hashed to 256-bit key by N80. I don’t like it – N80 should have allowed direct entry of the 256-bit key. Anyway.


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