Apple MacBook SMC firmware update

Couple of days ago it has been released the second SMC firmware update for Apple’s MacBook, since it’s introduction on the maket last May.

Did it work for you ? Has it resolved your problems ?

Apple SMC firmware pool

For what concers my experience with te product i’m in the category that has answered:

Random Shutdown Syndrome ? What’s that ? My MacBook works just fine, thank you.

As maybe I’ve told before i own a MacBook showing the 4H624* serial number group, specifically one of the first produced and in the pool of machines accused or every kind of crime.

It hase never mooo-hed. it did not overheat or cooked my eggs, it has never turned yellow on the inside plastic nor has suffered for the Random Shutdown Syndrome. What can I say ? I’ve been lucky!

If you want to participate to the pool that the above image is referring to (screenshot taken last night) the direction to follow is the one of TUAW, at the dedicated post.


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