new arrivals

In those last 3 days there has been some incoming of goodies in my house.

First, and foremost, thanks to my girlfriend I’ve received a long-awaited LaRobe second skin for my MacBook in the acid green colour (*).

Then the schwag from Kenwood has come in. Kenwood Italy had promoted its brand online with the initiative “sound is everything“, giving away sticks, t-shirts, pc and cellphone wallpapers reproducing with the original colours and the original fonts the brands of really famous music groups BUT written with the italian pronunciation.

So here we have the Giamiroquei (Jamiroquai) adhesive and the e Dip Parpol (Deep Purple) t-shirt.

Then, due to a certain event i will blog about in the future I’ve made to myself a gift, consisting in a MyBook external drive from Western Digital. But this is so cool that I will blog about in the next few hours (photos BTW are available in my Flickr photo stream as usual).

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(*) = since the camera of Nokia N80 isn’t so great, especially on darker ambient, to have the right idea of the colour just have a look @ the official site:, and choose green 🙂

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