Between the blogs I read (and that appear listed on my blogroll) there’s the italian written one by one of the few italian icon artist Ulisse who really often gets occupied creating beautiful icons for the Gnome desktop environment, following the Tango project‘s guidelines.

wii controller wii remote wii console nunchuk

His last works appeat to be the one which here above I’ve taken a preview, an iconset dedicated to the recent and what appears to be most innovative game-console on the market, the Nintendo Wii.

If you like it, and have a use for them (they are released under GPL licence) just visit Ulisse’s Wii-cons post introducing them to the world.

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One thought on “Wii-cons”

  1. I wish I could get the Classic Controller icon in an ICO format, I’ve been hunting all over for an icon like that for my RocketDock emulation folder… but everyone only has wii-motes, or the console itself.


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