Do YOU blog about your distro ?

The 22nd of last december Ubuntonista made to his readers a simple yet a potentially controversial question:

Do you blog about Ubuntu ?

In fact even if he was well aware of the existence of Planet Ubuntu – an online aggregator of the official members of Ubuntu projects (or prominent people that works for important components of Ubuntu, such Gnome developers) – he was demanding for more.

He wanted to know if and how manynon official” Ubuntu related blogs there are around the world.

apple keyboard The readers answered, with enthusiasm too, so much that after having reported it, he created a big list (ordered by language) of amatorial Ubuntu blogs:
This kind of overwelming response by people is one time again THE measurement of how a well planned distribution, with a certain number of features dedicated to basic users and over all a simple, reliable, coherent package management policy and set of repositories is a winner in the contemporary Linux distribution panorama.

Other mainstream distributions (like openSUSE and Mandriva, for example – not mentioning Fedora) should learn a little of those tricks “for human people” to increase the sense of mutual “love” between the user and the distribution he uses.

Maybe I should propose to Revetend Ted to spread a call to arms to openSUSE bloggers, or even the Fedora Marketing team to promote more user’s contribution to the project with their “tips & tricks” posts or simply claiming out loud what they do like and what not about the distribution (Chitlesh, what do you think about this ?).

So, while I write down a sensed proposal to some official marketing mailing list or person of a distro or two out there, I ask you:

do YOU blog about your preferred Linux distribution ?

… and , has Ubuntonista said in his post:

If you do, I personally would love to read what you write.

If you don’t I’d like to know what prevents you to do so !


Author: kOoLiNuS

♂, Italian, male, husband, dad of a wonder, “cazzaro”, friendly, blogger, motorcyclist, geek, avid reader, sysadmin, ICT consultant, curious. I come in peace… I'm an active social networker since 1999. I've been using WordPress sice 2004 and since 2006, and I'm currently involved in WordPress and WooCommerce communities in Bari, Apulia.

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