comics for sale

comics baloons Probably it has gone out unseen but in the Pages section some time ago I’ve introduced the FOR SALE page.

In it I’ve put all the comics in my U.S.A. collection that I would like to sell.

I’m pretty maniac on the conditions of the single issue so if you’re interested, want to have some explainations or whatever on the subject just leave me a comment or get in touch with me, we will find a way for the sale!

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♂, Italian, male, husband, dad of a wonder, “cazzaro”, friendly, blogger, motorcyclist, geek, avid reader, sysadmin, ICT consultant, curious. I come in peace… I'm an active social networker since 1999. I've been using WordPress sice 2004 and since 2006, and I'm currently involved in WordPress and WooCommerce communities in Bari, Apulia.

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