iSync, the Nokia N80 and OS X Tiger

Nokia-N80-Internet-Edition-Unlocked-Cell-Phone-with-32-MP-Camera-3G-Wi-Fi-MP3Video-Player-MiniSD-Slot--US-Version-with-Warranty-Black Like half of the Mac User’s world out there, today I’ve undergone the ritual update of the system (going 10.4.9, that typically means “ciao ciao” Tiger) alongside an iPhoto one and some wireless update bug-fix.

Then I’ve launched iSync to syncronize (of course) my Address Book with the cell phone, since in the last two days I got some new working contacts … and what is it ???

The beautiful black Nokia N80 icon sported before has vanished in iSync, replaced by a dull grey Nokia N80 one 😦

What can have happened ? I got a strange feeling and here you are:

Nokia N80 is iSync compatible

Today (or better only today I became aware that) the Nokia N80 is natively compatible with Apple iSync program, joy & happiness !!!


{previously to sync Mac OS X and the Symbian’s based N80 I’ve used this guide}


Author: kOoLiNuS

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One thought on “iSync, the Nokia N80 and OS X Tiger”

  1. I found that with the update that it wouldnt work.

    After a bit of mucking around I found that if you select ‘reset history’ in the preferences in iSync that if fixed the problem.


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