Ubuntu Feisty Beta

Living on the Apple side of the IT can be boring at times to I’ve decided to go out and see what’s new …. Fate wanted that happened just the exact day when Ubuntu pals released their 7.04 beta release, so I’ve pulled out my Transmission bittorrent client and downloaded the {alternate} ISO file.

ubuntu logo

I’ve installed it on 2 machine since then (every time getting an error installing linux-generic kernel) and after having passed by some installation media problem (I’ve used a maybe too used cd-rw disc) the machines are running smoothly … Release quality “beta” guys …

I’ve also enjoyed really, really much the Ubuntu.com new webdesign and again, after the first incarnation I see how a clearly layed out site can help the user experience with the distro … a lesson that Debian, Fedora – even if they’ve abandoned the redhat.com original site – and openSUSE – in a minor way than the previous two have to learn if they want to be strong on the community.

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