Cooler Master X-Craft 350

Some days ago a colleague at work gifted me with a 250GB’s PATA hard-disk, since the enclosure that was retaining it had some serious issue. While I was investigating on the causes he got a new disk+enclosure and later on I found that was an electronic problem with the USB 2.0 controller.

BTW he got a new disk and I had his “old” one.

Cooler Master X-Craft 350

So I begun a quest for an eclosure for 3,5″ disks which at least had and USB 2.0 and a FireWire interface, since my positive experiences with the Western Digital MyBook drive and some other 2,5″ external disks ….. really, I wonder everyday why all the external disks aren’t FirwWire since it’s perfomance and it’s versatility.

So I went to a local store [an italian specialized brand: PC City] and found it.

The device is a Cooler Master X-Craft 350 (link) in the RX-3HA flavour. It’s main features are:

  • Tool-free and Easy Installation
  • Fan-less Silent Heat Dissipation Design
  • Two USB 2.0 Hi-speed Ports
  • HDD Shock-proof Mechanism
  • Two FireWire 400 Ports
  • MultiTRAK™ Technology provides transaction translator per USB port to ensure that hard disk and the other USB devices have best performance

All this for a street price of 44 euro.

So far I am really happy with this product, daisy-chaining it with my other FireWire disks. So happy that I am probably getting another couple of this!

See ya!

5 thoughts on “Cooler Master X-Craft 350

  1. Hi.Great review.I’ve heard some really good things re this product.Could you please tell me if this is suitable for converting an internal Seagate ST3200826A IDE hard drive into an external drive?If not,what kind do I need?


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