Ipernity.com, my new photosharing community

As some of my readers may remember last Easter the Flickr staff has banned me from their service.
Since then I was searching – without much effort, anyway – a replacement to their service playing with PicasaWeb and Zooomr, which yes … are cute but didn’t manage to capture me 🙂

Then last week I found this real nice post from Horst Gutmann comparing many different photosharing communities probably less know than Flickr.

And here I heard about 23hq and Ipernity.

Given Horst review saying:

If Flickr and Virb could have a child together, I guess ipernity would come pretty close to what would it look like.

I got interest, subscribed the service and started exploring it. Also I gave a look to 23hq, but is seemed minimal and a different of what I had in mind to do with a photostreaming site.

Ipernity, on the other side, gave me everything I needed and more, with an integrated blog, a way to share and explain my photosets, which is a feature I missed on Flickr. Now, after only a couple of days of use I’ve liked Ipernity so much that I’ve just acquired two years of PRO account on the platform ….

I do hope that the international payment goes well and that soon I will have some more space to fill out. (After more than 2 months of photosharing absence I feel the urge to restart 😀 )

We will find out soon how it goes, by the way 😉

Oooops! I almost forgot, you’ll find my Ipernity page here:

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