disassembling a Western Digital MyBook (Pro Edition)

It’s been two days now that I’m desperate on the (probable) loss of my data contained in the backup drive contained in the Western Digital MyBook Pro Edition and now I do thing I have two options: the data are corrupted (or lost … i do NOT hope so) or the enclosure and it’s internal controller are having a failure…

MyBook Pro Edition - courtesy of Tom'sHardware

As usual I’ve consulted the Google’s oracle and I’ve found two really complete links on how to disassemble this drive with ease thanks to their complete description AND photographic content.

  1. How to open the Western Digital 500GB MyBook Premium Edition chassis
  2. How to open the Western Digital My Book 500GB

The disassambling itself it’s not one of the most easy in the world, and it will make you say diverse 4-letter words against the project’s engeneers and their mothers 😉 … but you can do it with 3 screwdrivers, one “flat” and two “crossed”, one of normal size and the second really small … like the one you use to fix your glasses

I’ll let you know in the comments later on today or tomorrow how the disk will behave when diretly attached to the S-ATA controller of my pc at the office … with the hope of recovering ALL the content of the disk and – if the MyBook enclosure is failing – the beginning of the search of another enclosure rich as the Cooler Master X-Craft 350 I’ve told you a couple of years ago …

Advices ???

The image in the post is taken by a great review of the drive by the Tom's Hardware staff properly linked in the post. Thank you guys!

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