IPERNITY has just raised funds and will be listed on Euronext Paris stock market today

Dear members,

We are proud to announce you ipernity has just raised funds (€1M) from 128 personal investors who share our vision. The company will be listed today on the Nyse-Euronext Paris “Marché Libre” stock market (ISIN: FR0010777680 – Symbol: MLIPY).

This is a happy end of a project started last April.

These funds will help ipernity to become one of tomorrow’s leading Web services and the coolest social sharing place of the internet.

We are now hiring new talents. It’ll take a couple of weeks before we start releasing new innovative services. So don’t worry if there is no visible changes on the service shortly. Your patience will be rewarded 😉

via ipernity.com


Hope they’ll grow big in a good way, and not in a Flickr way (from which I’ve been banned for futile reasons – !!! – more than an year ago)


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