JustNotes – notes application for your Mac


A simple, beautiful and powerful notes app.
The nice user interface lets you focus on the
important things – taking notes


Download last version

Support the developer with your donation

Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher

Write notes quickly

Taking notes was never so easy, JustNotes synchronizes and saves your notes automatically, so you don’t have to care

Mail your notes

Mailing your notes or just a piece of it with just one click, it’s that simple

Have access everywhere

JustNotes synchronizes your notes with Simplenote, so you have access to your notes also from your iPhone


You can import your notes from plaintext (.txt) and Evernote xml (.enex) files. Exporting is also supported.

Save money

You download and use the application for free, donations are always welcome and helps future development

Always there

JustNotes always runs in the background with a smalldesktop footprint, by pressing the statusbar icon it pop’s up only when you need

Integrated search

Search for keywords through your whole notes, the highlighted keywords help you to find them

Need help?

If you have questions or problems, don’t hesitate to contact the developer

seems that note, with Simplenote like on-line service to sync ’em all, is the new big thing in mobile devices … doesn’t it ?


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