Make Your Own Way ? 5 tips to a Life Without Full-Time Employment

Develop a network of complementary skilled trades. No matter what you do, there are always pieces of the job that you can’t do well. I write and consult, but I have a close network of programmers and developers, graphic designers, business consultants, and others. I know that I can’t do everything and I’m prepared to put together a team that can. A true team of experts. You need to be able to do this, too. Half-assing your way thru a job, doing things outside your skill sets, might mean you’ll get one job, but you won’t get the next.

Randy Murray

A nice article with 5 “little” tips to go self-employed … the one quoted here has been flipping in my mind for two years now, and applied – with success – from a bunch on friends of mine… Food for thoughts!


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