MacBook Pro is here!

And finally, after four years of my first – ever – Mac, my new machine has come!

I’ve choosen the MC373T model (USA equivalent is MC373LL), sporting the Intel Core i7 CPU, 4GB of RAM (since 2x4GB modules are still more expensive than I can afford), 7200rpm hard-drive (even if I already had the one mounted on my white MacBook I sell this last christmas) and the Hi-Res 1680-by-1050, glossy display.

Also I got the Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter and the Apple Remote, since at work I sometime have to deal with keynotes …

kOoL-grabs 2010-06-19 a 17

Taking the 17″ model would have meant changing all my laptop’s bags and have an ExpressCard/34 slot that I – probably- would never use, as it’s happened with all my previous PCMCIA slots. And probably the weight would be noticeable.

I’ve finished a couple’ hours ago to migrate my G4 Leopard PowerBook stuff in it and it feels great to have again a performing machine ‘under the hood’.


Author: kOoLiNuS

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2 thoughts on “MacBook Pro is here!”

  1. Hey there. Came across your post while surfing about.

    I’m about to swap my old 17″ MBP for a 15″ one. I would most definitely be going for the high def screen.

    Might I ask if the screen is too small or daily use? And do you have any thoughts on the screen thus far?


    P.s. Our blog titles are very similar.


    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment ….

      I am REALLY happy with performances and screen and everything of this new MacBook Pro … the only complaints I have are the few usb ports and how narrow each port is on the left side, but those I knew and in 4 years of Apple products’ use I got somewhat accustomed to them …

      As far as the hi-res display … before going Mac I worked with a 1400×1050 display, and generally I love hi-res … going back to 1280×800, or the 15″ PowerBook G4 felt strange.

      So, in the end, 15.4″ display with hi-res is not making me complain about the 17″ … my “boss” at work has it (the 17″, I mean) and I can’t say “ouch, nice display … I’ve should take it instead of mine”, indeed …

      Hope to be of some help! Cheers!


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