{italian} Ministry of Graphics’ Manifesto

in the image-driven society, image is important.
Graphic design lives everywhere: the Ministero della Grafica believes that the appearance of things influences the relationship between people, objects and actions. The relationship between form and content takes on a key role, determining the success of products, companies, nations and passions.

to communicate is to connect.
Design means the connection between disciplines; the synergy between form, content, economic strategy, organization of consensus and technology.

contemporary graphic design is about planning.
It uses and develops concepts, visions, scenarios, words, omissions and interpretations, leaving a sign and effecting changes in society.

contemporary graphic design is open source, multi-ethnic and hybrid.
It is based on synergy, research, competence, an attitude of observing the world, evolution, innovation and flexibility.

design is not a style, it is an approach.



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