Submissions for Fedora 14 (supplemental) Wallpaper


After discovering the official Twitter channel of Fedora early this mornign I begun diggin’ through the tweets finding this post about “the call for Fedora 14 supplementary wallpapers“:

[The Fedora Artwork team is] also aiming to include a lot of additional wallpapers (much like upstream Gnome does) that people may use as an alternative. We are looking for photos or abstract graphics that lend themselves to being good wallpaper, ie. something not too distracting or busy — close-ups of grass and flowers, landscape vistas, abstract graphics like swirls and bubbles are all good examples but try to think out of the box as well. We are collecting submissions on this page until Thursday, August 19.

After that deadline the team will proceed with voting.

So far my favourite is “Seneca Lake”:
Seneca Lake by eflon



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