Viber, delete account & privacy

viber-Iphone-screenshotIn the last month on the iOS 4 scene a new, successful VoIP application has started spreading gaining popularity: Viber.

This app promises to all the Apple’s based iOS4 devices a free VoIP calling service, using Wi-Fi or (already payed) 3G data services.

But one question soon attacked me after installing the application … even if the iTunes Store overlooked at it how safe are my data and my Address book?

So I’ve wrote to Viber support:

Koolinus, Dec-10 13:48 (IST):
how do I delete my account and be sure you don’t hold my address book?

After a couple of weeks the team asked me if the “question is still relevant” and I said yes … yesterday they’ve replied me like this:

Viber Support Team, Dec-27 10:47 (IST):

If you wish to delete your account completely and remove your data, you can delete the Viber App from your device.

When you delete the Viber App, your Personal Information will be automatically deleted from our primary storage within 45 days.
However, Viber maintains back-up information of each user’s account for a period of up to 12 months.

For additional information regarding our Privacy Policy, contact Viber via “Viber Support” or send us an email to You can see the Viber Privacy Policy here:

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88 thoughts on “Viber, delete account & privacy

  1. Viber says:

    This is a member of the Viber Development Team.

    Thank you for your review. I would just like to add that all the information we collect from users is used for functional reasons only (in order for Viber to actually work). We don’t take that information from users to satisfy our curiosity.
    We have made changes in our Privacy Policy (the link your posted in your review) after we realized that some clauses were unsatisfying to our users – we changed some content after hearing users’ concerns, and to assure that people stay calm about using Viber, and understand that there is no privacy risk in using Viber.

    I would be very happy to address any specific question you might have :)

    Thank you, and Happy New Year,
    the Viber Team.

      • Viber Team says:

        Hi Gary,

        I am an official representative of Viber. You can ask me whatever you have doubts about, and I’ll be happy to assist :)

        • mary says:

          Hi, i have a question, i havea friend who unistalled viber and his name still shows up as a viber user in my viber contact list, i sent him messages during this time and i am wondering, will he get the messages i sent if he ever reinstalls viber? thanks!

    • Ray says:

      Iam using someone elses apple id and i have downloaded the viber app and so has the other person using the same apple id,,,is it possible they can see my viber calls and messages,,please replyy

  2. Viber says:

    Hi again,

    As we promised, I am now excited to announce that we have a new solution for the SMS-code problem!
    If you still did not get the SMS (text message) with the activation code of Viber, please check out the following link that explains how to fix it:

    Please let us know if this really helped you activate and use Viber.

    we wish you Happy New Year!
    the Viber Team.

  3. ravi chudasama says:

    please sir deactivate my viber account in this no 8128888044 and
    9913489804. please sir deactivate account this number

    • Viber Team says:

      Hi Ravi,

      This is an official representative of Viber.

      In order to deactivate your account (and instantly delete all information from our servers), you can simply go to the “More” tab inside the app, then choose “Deactivate”. That’s it – Viber account is deleted, and you can delete the app from your phone :)

      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  4. Zineb says:

    Hi sir I would like to knw if viber have any systems. To hide my number like to make lt unknown for other viber members ? Waiting for ur answer thanks

    • Viber Team says:


      Your Viber number must be visible to other users, since your Viber ID is actually your regular phone number.

      Just like in the regular cellular phone service, if someone wants to call you, they need your number. The same with Viber – if someone wants to call you through Viber, they need your number in order to do so ;)

  5. johanna says:

    hi…i wanna know if i deactivated my viber account,does my name appear in my friend’s viber list ??
    please i wanna know nessecarry
    plz help
    and thnxxx

    • Viber Team says:

      Hi @johanna –

      Once you deactivate Viber (through the relevant option in the “More” tab), from that moment your name should no longer appear as a “Viber user” in your friends’ Viber contact lists.

      • Tin Dacs says:

        hi Sir, is there an update to this one? should my friend deactivated his viber and changed to a new number to register in viber, he will be automatically deleted from my viber contact list?


        • Viber Team says:

          As I explained, once Viber is deactivated, then the number that was deactivated will stop appearing as a Viber user in other freind’s Viber contact lists.

  6. mars27 says:

    hi..i accidentally erase the app on my iphone.when i installed it again and tried to use my old wasn’t accepted..i’m can’t receive my new code since the number i’m using is a US number and i’m in a another counttry working..can you send the code thru my email..

    • Viber Team says:

      Our code delivery system is completely automated, and so it is unfortunately impossible to send it via email or any other way other than the method offered in Viber’s registration.

      You may try using a local number or a prepaid number in order to register to Viber from your current location/country.

  7. Hamad says:

    Is This Possible My viber using at two places at a Time . If yes Then how can I Remove it from other Place . Please Help me sir . I thought my viber is using on some device too and other Person also can see my conversations . will wait for your reply Viber Team

    • Viber Team says:

      Hi Hamad,

      We apologize for our late response.

      One Viber account (number) can only be used on one device simultaneously.

        • Viber Team says:

          Our pleasure to help :)

          What you can do, however, is register your second device with a different number: your home number, an old cellphone number, family’s or friends

  8. Binit says:


    1.if on an android phone, i ‘exit the application’ would i still show as a viber contact on other peoples phones?

    2.if account is deactivated thru the ‘more’ tab, will my ‘viber contact’ dissappear instantly from others viber user phones?

    • Viber says:

      Hi Binit,

      1. Yes. The “Exit” feature merely means you are shutting down the app on your phone, but you remain a Viber user in general, and remain available for calls and text messages.
      2. Yes, when you use “Deactivate”, your account is deleted and you should no longer appear as a “Viber user” to other people.

  9. Puspa gurung says:

    Hi, I install the Viber new version in my iPhone but acess code is not accept why???can you give me some idea how active my Viber thanks

  10. adam says:

    i read too much articles regarding privacy concerns with using Viber, and i noticed in the google play site, that Viber can take photos and videos from your phone without your consent .
    besides, all data log of the smartphone will be disclosed to you .

    i feel it is really strange, don’t you?

    • Viber says:

      Hi Adam,
      This is an official rep from Viber.

      What you’re saying is not accurate – we don’t take photos and videos without the user’s consent. First, we don’t “take” them – we ask for access to them on your phone, since Viber needs to be able to save received photos, and send them to other users from your phone’s photo library. We never “take” per se your photos anywhere, nor do we store them on our servers, or anything of the like.

      This behavior is not different that any major social/communications app in the world nowadays.

      Secondly, the user does approve of that – there is a list of what access Viber needs, and the user reads that before installing the app (in PlayStore, as you said).

      We’d be happy to assist with more answers, so please feel free :)

      Best regards,
      the Viber Team.

  11. malou maglaque says:

    Hi I downloaded viber on my android Phone and when I’m trying to send a text to a friend who is not a viber User I cannot send a text message thru my carrier? ? A reminder said to press continue to be able to send a message but it’s not working? ?

    • Viber Team says:

      @malou maglaque –

      Viber provides its service only between 2 Viber users. It is not possible at this stage to call through Viber or send Viber messages to non-Viber users.

  12. kOoLiNuS says:

    Hello everybody … I’m getting some silly comments regarding Viber support. Please ask them anything you need since I’m NOT connected in any way or form to them and the “Viber Team” staffer that is kind enough to reply sometimes in this topic it’s not a guarranteed presence …

  13. azile says:

    Does anyone know if you delete/deactivate your Viber account can the other party still read old messages?

    • Viber Team says:

      Hi there,

      Yes, both when you delete *or* deactivate your Viber, your contacts to whom you had sent messages through Viber will keep the messages received from you in the past.

  14. Roza says:

    Hello , please I’m in a hurry ..
    I want to get back my old acoount on viber .. I deactivated it 5 minutes ago ..but i want it back now ..
    So please can i get it back!??

  15. Hira says:

    Please help me out here,my friend has and android mobile and she is able to access my profile pictures through viber,i.e,she has a folder named viber on her mobile and she has my old saved profile pictures in that folder and she sent me one of my pictures,If i deactivate my account and reactivate it later is it possible that my profile pictures will be wiped out too?Please reply.
    And is this possible only on android mobiles?or iOS too?

  16. Mubashar Rizwan says:

    Hello,I have destroyed my old sim with viber still active how can i terminate such account…
    waiting 4 reply

    • Viber says:


      You can deactivate your Viber account by registering to Viber on a new phone with the same number as the old SIM, then choose to deactivate.

      If this is impossible, please let me know and we’ll try to assist.

  17. N bilton says:

    Is it possible to hide the viber icon on iphone5 . A friend said they deleted viber but they still show on my viber list twice but there is no icon on the phone is this possible or has it been deleted?

    • Viber Team says:

      Hi @N biilton,

      Deleting Viber (as opposed to deactivating) makes it impossible to us (technically) to know whether or not that user intends to reinstall Viber later, or plans to stop using it altogether. This is why there is a wait of 45 days during which if we see no activity on the account, it is automatically deleted, and only then you will stop appearing as a Viber user to your contacts.

      The instant way to do it, however, is to deactivate Viber instead of uninstalling it. This is done through the “More” tab inside Viber.

  18. paperdress says:

    Dear Viber Team,

    I will like to retrieve chat record of an old viber account in which the SIM and number I no longer get hold of. I currently use another phone number and I have tried everything I can, there is no way to receive the activation code for an old unassociated number that I do not have access to. Can you please advice?

    • Viber says:

      Hi there,

      Unfortunately there is no way to retrieve chat conversations from other devices/accounts, simply because we (Viber) don’t keep any record of our users’ message histories on our servers (due to respect of privacy).

      We apologize :/

  19. Ray says:

    Someone else is using my apple id and has viber an so do i..i want to kno is it possible they can see my message history an call history or not????

    • kOoLiNuS says:

      Guys … Viber support IS NOT HERE.

      Occasionally one of them replies here but if you’re having issues please contact them directly!

      • Viber says:

        @Ray –

        Viber is attached with the device itself, not the Apple ID. Even if they install Viber, they will not be able to view your message history, recent calls, etc.

        @kieran –

        After 45 days of complete inactivity, the account is automatically deleted from our servers.

        ** As the blog manager requested, if you have more problems/questions to us, please contact us via our HelpDesk, at

        the Viber Team.

  20. kieran says:

    hi there
    if viber is uninstalled how long will it take for the account to gone ?

  21. Aye says:

    Hi There,

    I have been removed my viber from my Iphone 4 device and unfortunately i sold out my old ph. But somebody is still using my viber account. How should i resolve this problem? i didnt deactivate and i just simply removed from my phone.

    • Viber says:

      @Aye –

      Reregistering ot Viber with the same number on a different device will immediately deactivate Viber on the old device.

  22. luddite says:

    Hi there

    I simply removed the viber from my Android device then i found that my account still exist so I instale it again and use more >> deactivate your Viber and hope that my account is deleted
    but now i see my friends still have my name in their contacts list as a viber user even after refreshing it
    what can i do to delete my account ? please help it`s really important to meee
    should i stand 45 days !!!?

    • Viber says:

      @luddite –

      Viber is deleted automatically after 45 days of absolutely no usage. However, it should also be immediately deleted from our servers when you deactivate.

      Please try installing Viber again with the same number, wait 24 hours, then deactivate. After you do this, ask your friend to restart their Viber. If you still show up as an active Viber user in their contact list, please let me know.

      • carol says:

        Hi, as a mistake I uninstalled viber and tried to installed back again but when I enter the new code sent by SMS it keeps saying invalid code. I uninstalled the app again, I reseted my phone and nothing works, says again invalid code””

        Can you help me please

        • Viber says:

          Hi @carol,

          Please try removing Viber, wait 24 hours, reinstall and try again (make sure you try both the SMS and the automated call options).

          In addition, you may try to register to Viber with a different number (for example – your home landline number, a friend’s number, etc.), in order to determine whether the problem is specific with your number, or a general one.

  23. Ivo says:

    Hi! I had Viber installed on my Nokia N8 a year ago and now all of a sudden it deleted chat history with two of my important contacts. Why did this happen? I didn’t uninstall it, I didn’t change anything on it. Is there an export messages function in Symbian cause I can’t seem to find it?

    • Viber says:

      Hi @Ivo –

      We are sad to hear that your message history has been deleted – this happens usually only upon deactivation or uninstall, as you said.

      Unfortunately there is no way to export message history on Viber on S60 (Symbian).

  24. Ivo says:

    It keeps deleting it periodically why?! I have enough memory in my phone and til yesterday it hasn’t done that. It there a way to stop it? Where is Viber saving my history in my Nokia and isn’t there a way to retrieve it somehow? Please let me know if you’re aware!

    • Viber says:


      We would appreciate if you could take a minute and report the details to our support team using this direct link: (when you submit the ticket, please make sure to add the URL of our conversation). With this information, our development team will hopefully be able to find the source of the problem, and ultimately resolve it.

      Thanks in advance :)

  25. krish says:

    Hi when I sent a message to my friends viber is displaying a default photo along with the message. I dont know/remember from where that photo is being taken or viber attached to my profile. I removed that photo in all possible places. But still my message is being sent along with that photo. I dont want any photo attached to message. Can you please help me how I can get rid of that default photo.
    Just FYI:
    I went in to viber settings > Edit and taken my photo. its blank now. But still my photo is displaying.

    • teamviber says:

      Hi @krish –

      Thank you for the report of the problem.

      We would appreciate if you could take a minute and report the details to our support team using this direct link: (when you submit the ticket, please make sure to add the URL of our conversation). With this information, our development team will hopefully be able to find the source of the problem, and ultimately resolve it.

      Thanks in advance :)

  26. Matt says:

    If i sent a viber message and then shortly deactivate my account will that/those messages still be visible to that person you sent it to? Can that person read it?

    • teamviber says:

      Hi Matt,

      Yes. After you sent the message, then it does not matter if you deactivate or not. The destination user will still receive your message when/if they are online and using Viber.

  27. NATS says:

    hey ok so i had viber like 2 years ago because my friend had it and i wanted to do the free call thing, but at that time the call option wasn’t available for blackberry phones, anyways i uni-stalled it but didn’t deactivate it, so now after two years my friend ask why are you not on viber, so i download it and now i am having problems getting an access code, i am from jamaica w.i and i am not getting a text with the code or even call. so im thinking if its because i didnt deactivate my last account 2 years ago. please help!!! how can i recover or something.

    • teamviber says:

      Hi NATS,

      The fact that you did not deactivate back then should not matter now.
      There is a temporary known issue with registering to Viber in Jamaica.

      In the meanwhile, until we permanently fix it, please try the following workaround: in Viber’s registration page, please choose United States (+1), and enter your full number excluding the “1” in the beginning (i.e 876-xxx-xxxx)

      Does it work now?

      • NATS says:

        thanks for replying .sigh i tried what you told me to ,i selected united states put my number as you instructed and i still did not get an text with the access code. dont know what else to do have been trying viber for 4 days now.

        • teamviber says:

          Please try removing Viber, wait 24 hours, reinstall and try again, using the United States country code (make sure you try both the SMS and the automated call options). You may also try to register to Viber through a few different WiFi networks.

          In addition, you may try to register to Viber with a different number (for example – your home landline number, a friend’s number, etc.), in order to determine whether the problem is specific with your number, or a general one.

          If all fails, then we would appreciate if you could take a minute and report the details to our support team using this direct link: (when you submit the ticket, please make sure to add the URL of our conversation). With this information, our development team will hopefully be able to find the source of the problem, and ultimately resolve it.

          * In the ticket, please emphasize that you already tried the recommended steps I gave you.

          Thanks :)

          • NATS says:

            ok in jamaica we have 2 network providers, lime and digicel i am currently using the digicel phone, two days ago i tried using a lime phone number and i got an access code, it works, but its annoying when writing to people and have to be telling them who you are because its a different number being displayed, i want viber to be registered with my number. so it works on the lime network but not my digicel network. do i really have to wait 24 hours again?

          • teamviber says:

            @NATS –

            Thanks for the info.

            As we said, if you already performed those steps and it still doesn’t work, you may use the link i provided and let our Support Team know. They will try to assist you further :)

  28. NATS says:

    oh and i already reported it. and they told me the exact thing you told me to do with the united states thing. and i just did a fresh install right before i initially replied.

  29. NATS says:

    they also told me that their records shows registration attempts for my number .so i guess i have to wait until they reply again.

  30. Donkey_shirt says:

    Hi viber suppoort,

    Quick question, I deleted in error a conversation on viber (iPhone 4) with my daughter, is there any way of retrieving it? Someone I know said restoring a previous back-up from iTunes, would that do it?

    Thanks in advance!

  31. mayang says:


    I want to deactivate my Viber account from a lost device. I have a new device with a new number. I reinstalled Viber on the new device and entered the lost device’s number but I am unable to retrieve the access code because it was sent to the lost device. Is there a way to still deactivate my Viber account from the lost device of the old number?

    Thank you.

  32. laubel says:

    Hi Viber team,
    Please would you respond to Hira (May 20)??
    What about PRIVACY? Everybody is able to save my profile pic….(current and older).

    • Emily says:

      If you do not want people to be able to save something.. do not post it! Don’t use a personal profile picture if you don’t want your friends to be able to save it.

  33. sourav says:

    As you know when we change our profile picture, it will automatically saved in the user photos in viber folder in my files.

    I want to know is there any way I can delete my pics from my friends phones, without telling him.

    I delete my viber account, but pics arr still on others phone. Plz help

    • Emily says:

      Why don’t you speak to your friend and ask him to delete the photo’s? If he is really a friend then I’m sure he will respect your wishes and delete them. Technically what you are asking here is “Can I hack into my friends phone and delete stuff without him knowing” That is not legal. You legally sent the photo’s, you need to speak to him. And remember in future that if you do not want a photo to be out of your control… Do not send/post it to anyone.

  34. NICK says:

    Hi sir just wanna know, if the viber stores the privat conversations of their users, and if it happns thn where the viber stores the private information of users like their conversation or photos or videos…

  35. Emily says:

    I just wanted to say that I think Viber is a great app and I have never had any issues with it, same as my friends and relatives who use it. Shame some of the people who are posting here do not read through the previous post’s before posting as there are way too many duplicate questions and a lot of stuff that is covered in the actual app if they bothered to read the Privacy Policy section…. Poor Viber rep! :S

    When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is difficult only for the others. it is the same when you are stupid…. Just something to think about!

  36. Viber says:

    @NICK –

    We (Viber) do not our users’ message conversations in our servers. You shouldn’t worry about your privacy :)

    @Emily –

    Thank you for your kind words. We’re glad to hear you’re enjoying Viber :)

  37. kOoLiNuS says:



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