Windows 8, the new Explorer

Following yesterdays’ post I’d like to add a note on what I’m seeing that at this stage of development I’n not sold with Explorer’s ribbon integration depicted here

Windows-8 Explorer's Ribbon

… it’s waaaaay too dense and ‘confusing’ with different colors, icons and text in the default configuration. This feeling has increased expecially in comparison to Mac OS X Lion’s Finder or Fedora 15’s Gnome3 Nautilus file browser experience I had in those last two months …

Mac OS X Lion's Finder

Fedora 15 Gnome3

What do you think ?

2 thoughts on “Windows 8, the new Explorer

  1. I think the new GUI of Explorer is actually awful, but it’s OK because it implements the same ideas of all the other recent user interfaces made in Microsoft.

    It’s not good, but at least it’s the same GUI of Office, and this greatly reduces the user experience impact.


    1. On Word/Excel I had the chance to test the ribbon interface in a couple of situations and, after a short period of disappointment, I found my way and appreciate the ease of use of the most common commands.

      Still I wonder how to get though a specific, ‘hidden’, one … since you have to dig away from them.

      I heard a lot oh phraises to Windows Phone/Mobile 7 … and I was incline to believe they’d take some inspiration from that (like Apple did on Lion after iOS). But he screenshots say differently today…


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