Perlbrew is a tool to manage multiple perl installations in your $HOME directory. They are completely isolated perl universes. This approach has many benefits:

  • No need to run sudo to install CPAN modules, any more.
  • Try the monthly released new perls.
  • Learn new language features.
  • Test production code.
  • Leave vendor perl (the one that comes with OS) alone
    • Vendor perl usually serves its own purposes, and it might be a bad idea to mess it up too much.
    • Especially PITA when trying to upgrade system perl.
    • Some vendors introduced their own perl bugs, twice!
  • Hacking perl internals.
  • Just to keep up with fashion.

While the default is good enough, you may customize it to install to alternative places, or even let multiple users share the whole perlbrew environment.


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