Pseudonyms Drive communities

… an interesting research from our friends at Disqus


Author: kOoLiNuS

♂, Italian, male, husband, dad of a wonder, “cazzaro”, friendly, blogger, motorcyclist, geek, avid reader, sysadmin, ICT consultant, curious. I come in peace… I'm an active social networker since 1999. I've been using WordPress sice 2004 and since 2006, and I'm currently involved in WordPress and WooCommerce communities in Bari, Apulia. More About Me.

5 thoughts on “Pseudonyms Drive communities”

  1. The problem I have with pseudonyms is that it allows someone to hide behind a mask; to pretend to be someone they are not. Some might think that is to be encouraged but I think people who want to use pseudonyms should have to prove identity. Or looking at it from another point of view, people who use their real names should get a higher ranking of trust than those who do not.

    Would you let someone into your house who called themselves “MacDude” but never told you their real name?


    1. not at all!

      but since the beginning of my stay on the web 13 years ago, even if I used the koolinus nickname I tried to keep it ‘consistent’ with a code of conduit, education and respect to my interlocutor…

      At the same time I’ve always hated the macdude1974 nickname kind … that seems to me unrespectful


      1. I’m not bothered by your pseudonym because I know that koolinus refers to a particular person. You have a face – your posted photos of your self – and a real name. I’m worried that Google+ will become like twitter with macdude1234 pseudonyms that have no real person photo avatar and no real name associated with it. It would be like Twitter is today with massive amounts of spam comments and people being nasty just because they know they are anonymous.


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