Growing Habits

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I got invited on writing something on and what better way to say thanks that actually writing something here?

on topic…

It’s been 10 months since Mountain Lion launch, 7 since iOS 6 release and almost everybody has gained his pace through their new systems (if they’ve choosen tha always up-2-date tecnology path).

Software bundle are blooming (and flooding) in my mailbox, Apple is on the design path of things instead of pushing on false innovations. And I am thinking that it’s the nicest moment in using both of their technologies.

I’ve had time to discover features I like and can use in my workflow, which are useless to me (Facebook integration in OS X, to say) and I have the time to study how to improve the usage of new tools (i.e., Markdown and some of it’s editors) or search new ones (like Zotero). At work my wife and her studio colleague had time to smoothly switch from an entire working life spent on Windows XP to their new iMacs and the ecosystems they represent, without losing productivity within the everyday challenges of a small architectural studio.


I am a little worried of what the future iteration of OS X will take us.

I did not like at all the web-sharing, FTP removals as the complete “in house” rewrite of the SMB protocol … each one had an impact on my workplace. Sometimes I still feel nostalgy of Snow Leopard.

I did not enjoy the X-serve or MacPro demise (in Europe it’s out of the market since March 1st) in the last years seeing how well they could perform in scientifical and research centers which now are abandoned and where people can grow new habits with some Linux distributions that promise freedom but drives you crazy with constant zig-zag in development, making you a slave to follow their decision and not yours.


So I am enjoying these first eighteen weeks in 2013, where things stay put and give me time to dig / explore their whole spectrum of features. Does it means I’m already old at 39? 😀

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