The update jungle: PC owners have to watch 24 sources for fixes

Tuesday I found this article, which made the double think on how fortunate I am to deal (mostly) with OS X or GNU/Linux software distributions…

The quarterly report shows that 74 different programs from 24 different vendors are installed on the average UK PC and 28 of them, just over a third, are from Microsoft.
That third, and the operating systems, are mostly kept up to date with Microsoft’s Windows Update system. But beyond that, there’s another 23 different autoupdate mechanisms for the remaining programs which need to be monitored or managed.
While some programs have auto-update mechanisms with silent updates, other programs which need regular updates require the user to visit the vendor’s web site to check whether an update was needed.

The report notes that around 8.9% of users have unpatched operating systems and estimates that, on average, 6.5% of programs on a PC aren’t up to date. Around 3.4% of programs on the average PC are also end-of-lifed and no longer have security patches available for them.

the H-securityThe update jungle: PC owners have to watch 24 sources for fixes


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