Face2Face gives a face to your emails

Today’s post is for a little, nice utility I’ve discovered recently which enhances the functionalities of my secondary email client: Mail.app.

This application is called Face2Face – made in Germany by the fine guys at ChungwaSoft, who develops a bunch of useful tools for the Mac platform – which is provided in the form of a free (as in beer) plugin. What does the tool do? It provides every single email with an avatar for the sender taken from his/her Gravatar, Google+, Flickr profile or on a photo saved in the plugin internal database. When you enable it Mail will look like this:


The installation is easy as 1-2-3. You download the zipped pkg installer, decompress it, double-click and follow the short instructions, you complete the installation by setting the plugin preferences in the pane added to the Mail.app one like here below:


Uninstalling it, in case you don’t like it anymore, is straightforward too… You close Mail.app, open the finder, search for you ~/Library/Mail/Bundles folder and then remove the Face2Face.mailbundle file and that’s it!

At next launch Mail.app will be Face2Face free 😀

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