Your first Mac

My first personal Mac was the 1st generation of Intel MacBook, acquired in late june 2006… I’ve sold it to a family friend and it still works #mac30

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… is an italian padawan of SysAdmin & DevOps arts. He works in a bioinformatics institute of C.N.R. in Bari. When needed he offers his knowledge as an ICT consultant to local business. He's an – active – social networker since 1999. Here is his Gravatar profile.

One thought on “Your first Mac”

  1. My first Mac was a 2005 (PowerPC) Mac mini. My boss at the time had let me use his for a day or two and I was smitten with the Mac user interface. The fact that is was UNIX was icing on the cake. Six months later (2006) I bought a 2006 13″ Intel Core Duo MacBook. Three months later I bought a 20″ Core2 Duo iMac. All three devices have been replaced (MacBook Air and 27″ iMac) but all are still in use.


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