Snoopy, the web inspector for your mobile browser

iOS, software

During the last week, there was a thread in one of the many italian Apple-related mailing list I follow where an user asked a tip on what kind of tool he could use when he’s on the go with his iPad and finds an interesting web site, and he wants to see the code behind it to learn new tricks and get inspiration…

So it was really a case of serendipity when today, catching up with my dose of RSS feeds, I read Khürt Williams post on such a tool. This one is called Snoopy:

Snoopy is a bookmarklet for snooping on web pages. It’s intended for use on mobile browsers (such as Mobile Safari on the iPad) where you can’t view-source to poke around under the hood of sites to see how they’re built. You might find it useful for your desktop browser, too.

Using the bookmarklet will give you an overlay featuring information that Snoopy can ‘sniff’ out of the page, such as the doctype, what JS libraries are used in the page, what analytics, what font embedding technique is used, etc. It also gives you the ability to view the raw and/or generated source of the page.

Mark Perkins → Snoopy

For pure intellectual obligation to inform I took some screenshots on my iPad… hope you enjoy them and that somebody else, like me, find it useful.


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