Old Posts

What a funny coincidence!

I’ve spent half of this Saturday morning at home editing some old “uncategorized” posts here over the blog, and removing duplicates that has come from importing the Posterous space I had here. Then I took five minutes of relax opening Mr. Reader and having a look at my friend’s feed. Among those here’s Khürt’s one: Old posts.

Today’s Desk.pm community writing prompt is “Do you go back and edit/update old blog posts? What is your philosophy or practice in that regards?”

Well, I regularly edit my old posts … especially here over my english WordPress.com blog.

Too many times I witness how my written english skills are slowly fading, given the lack of exercise. When I was a teen my vocabulary and sentences had richness and flow… it was a pleasure having a conversation or writing an essay or a letter to a foreign friend. Nowadays I have only this blog (and the occasional post on Twitter / App.net or Google+) as a place to express myself in the Shakespeare’s language, and most of the time it’s a technical topic (hence my impoverishment).

A second reason in post’s editing is a change in the URL or the occasional modification of hot-linked images.

What’s your take? Once published it’s forgotten? Or do you edit over and over again?

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