ExpanDrive – a network drive for the Cloud

Discovered by chance this morning, ExpanDrive seems to be like to become one of my favorite tools:

ExpanDrive creates a virtual USB drive that connects to all major cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Openstack Swift, Amazon S3 or your own SFTP, FTP or WebDAV server.

It’s available for Mac and Windows. Basic licence is per user, so if you have multiple machines with different OS you’ll need just one licence. Now excuse me, back to testing for my free 7-days full features trial period…


Author: kOoLiNuS

♂, Italian, male, husband, dad of a wonder, “cazzaro”, friendly, blogger, motorcyclist, geek, avid reader, sysadmin, ICT consultant, curious. I come in peace… I'm an active social networker since 1999. I've been using WordPress sice 2004 and WordPress.com since 2006, and I'm currently involved in WordPress and WooCommerce communities in Bari, Apulia.

2 thoughts on “ExpanDrive – a network drive for the Cloud”

  1. longtime Webdrive user here. surprised it wasn’t mentioned. we actually use it for corporate servers – an sftp server and some users connect to Sharepoint with it. I didn’t know it had all the cloud connectors. I guess we have an older version. will check it out with amazon s3.


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