Beware OS X 10.11 El Capitan if you use the native software RAID



Thanks to a warning by my friend Paolo, I became aware of a new downside of upgrading to OS X 10.11. I thought that Disk Utility just had a bad nightmare in its design generation, but it seems that it’s lacking of really important features (*), a proper RAID management.

I am following some articles on MacPerformance Guide website and searching for some other news on the topic. What’s scaring for me it’s that I was so trustful to Apple to upgrade a last generation MacPro just yesterday perfectly unaware of this issue. The striping RAID has lost no data and it’s present … but now I fear its fate and trying to provide a risk-free solution to the colleague who owns that Mac.

Please be aware when upgrading a RAID-equipped system !!!

(*) Philosophically I can understand Apple. They have not a single RAID-capable machine since 2013 … but the amount of machines out there – and their importance !!! – was not a thing to manage the way they did.


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