Because above all, design is about people.

Unfortunately the progress we have made is not distributed equally. The forces working against strong design are still powerful. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not so naive or arrogant as to believe we should all quit our jobs and relocate to an Ebola-stricken place in West-Africa in order to give a real meaning to our work. And I don’t have any practical advice as to what you should or could do after reading this. All I know is that I discovered what feels like and alternate reality –one in which even the smallest improvement can have an enormous impact on people’s most basic needs. As a designer and a fellow human being, I believe we need to work harder on re-aligning those realities. We need to honour what makes up the nucleus of our discipline: empathy and compassion. Because above all, design is about people.
Francesco Kirkhoff, Offscreen Magazine n°13


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