Google aims to kill passwords by the end of this year

Biometric authentication is a powerful enabler, allowing businesses smart enough to deploy it to significantly increase rates of registration, gaining data and insight about their customers, while also increasing customer security. This is a win/win scenario which sounds the death-knell for awkward and insecure passwords sooner than we may imagine.
Richard Lack

via a post on The Guardian


10 Replies to “Google aims to kill passwords by the end of this year”

          1. Sorry. That sucks. I host on Digital Ocean. I have 100% control of the server. I can install whatever I want. Plans start at $5/month. It’s a hosting plan designed for developers. You can spool up a Linux based host in about 30 seconds.


          2. One more thing about Digital Ocean.

            You pay per hour. Spinning up a new 512MB server just to test something for a couple of minutes will only cost you US $0.0074


          1. Thank you. I’ve been doing a lot photography lately because I’ve been busy and didn’t have the take the time away from the TV for technical articles. I’m hoping to correct that this summer. I’ve got Piwik, OpenVAS, Yoink, AirMail 3 and a bunch of other apps to review.


  1. Khürt my friend. I did not want the hassle to maintain another blog for a fun project like a personal blog. So I choose Siteground and their – top level – WP hosting (I have SSL, php7, caching, CDN and loads of other commodities).

    Still I am evaluating services like DO for other projects. Thanks for your 1st hand tips anyway!


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