Back to Independent Publisher

After some weeks of experiments I’ve switched back to Independent Publisher as the main theme/template for this weblog.

Even if the version is quite a bit different from the Author’s version I still find it as one of the best – free – plain and honest bloggin’ theme here on the platform. So I’ve switched back to it and customized a little the  sidebar. Probably I’ll change the colors/fonts combinations a little more but, if nothing else comes in the way, I’ll stick with it for a while.

Also I do have to make amend for the poor curation of many of the links proposed here without a comment or a word on why I’ve found them worth mentioning them here. This is one area of improvement goals I’ve set myself for the upcoming eleventh year of this blog…

As usual I’m eager to read your comments and ideas, so please share them with me in case!

4 thoughts on “Back to Independent Publisher

    1. ciao Khürt!
      I think your actual theme is a really nice one, expecially when you use those beautiful photos of yours.
      What can be improved – if you allow me this verb – is that this theme does not enhances the chances to discover your most technical posts.
      While this project of mine is amateur, you are self-promoting also your consultant activity (like in this post) … so you’re torn between pleasure and duty.

      I understand it was heavy to maintain 2 separate blogs/sites … but probably that would have been a better choice.

      Just my 0,0002€


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