Experiment with Twenty Seventeen

This morning I had some free time (waiting for an important email to make further action), and I decided to play a little with this Twenty Seventeen WordPress theme from Automattic.

This is being said as a ‘business oriented’ template, and my try is to play a little with it to enhance my personal branding effort to the English speaking audience.
So in the next few hours if you come by via a browser you could see things changing under your eyes. Please forgive this curious kid playing 😉


3 Replies to “Experiment with Twenty Seventeen”

    1. It doesn’t make you scream for enthusiasm … but it’s OK.
      I was a bit disappointed by the modification made to Independet Publisher v2 by Automattic so I choose to change – again. Time will tell how I manage to work with this template!


  1. I’ve switched back to Independent Publisher (v1, and not the v2 forked by Automattic).

    That Twenty-Seventeen seemed a bit too much ‘brand-oriented’ than I am willing to manage this space.
    Also, It did not put any evidence on ~12 years of contents published, nor the topics I choose to write about…


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