About creativity

As opposed to the common belief that creativity is a talent, I think creativity is a skill. And the more you practice it, the more creative you are.
Tiantian Xu

Insightful quote from the 100 Days of Lettering



3 Replies to “About creativity”

  1. Hmm. I disagree. I think creativity is a talent that needs practice for it to thrive. My own experience with photography suggest that all the effort and practice has not enabled me to produce truly creative work. Yes I have developed skill. But I’ve also met people who’ve picked up a DSLR and are creating amazing work in a short period of time. Most of them don’t even know how to use the features on the camera.


    1. I think it’s clear that one cannot force himself to do what he “can’t” do … for example I could not never ever be able to paint with a brush, or design clothes. Nor I have ever been able to learn to properly play guitar…

      But with some kind of different art, like photography or – maybe – something involving typography I think that with the appropriate set of exercises I could achieve a way to express myself, my view of the world.

      For example in many shots from you I have seen the search for technical perfection (like photos of flowers), but rarely I’ve seen you playing with angles or perspectives. Even so I can remember some of your shots having impressed my memory … so you probably won’t be the next Helmut Newton (to say), but for sure you can create something personal … and that is – for me – enough to be creative.

      [sorry for my poor English, it’s difficult for me to express those ‘emotional’ thoughts with a proper choice of vocabulary and tone of voice]

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