On ignorance

Intense Discontinuity

I get ignorance and incompetence. It took me years, but now to an extent I do. We are all ignorant except for a tiny slice of human knowledge that is so tiny it can’t really be quantified. Even the smallest of the scientific fields hides a huge amount of details, experience, data, insights. Science itself is just part of human knowledge. And then there’s what we don’t know.

Even in my primary job, in which – the moments when I’m not deeply and ruthlessly undermining myself – I can concede myself I know enough to play in the A league, I don’t know all I need to know.

I despise shaming ignorance. Shaming ignorance is a backhanded way to shame learning. The ignorance that leads to a question is ignorance that should be welcomed. It’s a form of awareness. Ignorance is also a way we connect to others: we ask…

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