Windows 7, adieu

Life’s so funny when you’re enjoying it! 😈

After 10 years one of the most successful operating systems made in Redmond has reached is reaching its End-Of-Life the 14th January 2020. Users still running Windows 7 on their PCs in those days are being prompted to do an upgrade (software and maybe even hardware) to their systems.

Here at work we’ve migrated to Windows 10 some time ago, and apart two machines, used for specific purposes only we do not have any Windows 7 installation running.

I do hope you’ve done the same, or better have migrated to other systems (Ubuntu, Fedora, Manjaro or — well, you know I’m a  guy! — to a Mac). If you haven’t I do strongly suggest to take an action, since in this iper-connected world it’s vital to have upgraded systems exposed ‘to the web’.

A couple of friends told me that up to this date the free (as in beer) upgrade from previous systems to Windows 10 is still working, even if officially it has stopped a couple of years ago. Just download the Media Creation Tool directly from Microsoft, create a bootable USB pen and proceed with the upgrade.

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